Humanity: Best Religion on Earth

Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Joy of Giving

Friends, We all talk about Humanity all around the world. Can you please take a minute and think that we are just thinking not doing anything for the humanity. Have you ever tried to do so? Even i am not able to give my 100% to the humanity.

Where ever in the world you go, will find beggars all around the world. People of all religion always donate money, food and other necessary things to them. People doing the good work by donating this kind of stuff. But ever you think that whatever you did is worth? This is the question i always ask myself as well. But still didn't get the answer.

I though in that way that if you give something to others and if they get the joy it means you did the best. But the person you are giving is really needs that? It is another question to have in our mind. Then i found a way. Now i always like to give food to the people who are begging. Where ever you find beggars, don't hate them just give a smile if you are not giving anything its ok but smiling is the best way to respond to all.

Salman Khan, Bollywood's super duper star is been doing the same with the tag line "Being Human". This is the message what i want to spread around all.

So keep smiling is another thing that i found by this way. And the "Joy Of Giving" is the best way to live. Because people need limited money to live their life. But if you have unlimited money just think how much you will spend in your life. Just thing that way and think about Humanity.

Article is written by Jigar Gondalia

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Character of India said...

Dear Jigar,

Glad to know that you believe in humanity. Today, people boast about their own religion and desperately wish to establish superiority of their religion over other religion. This will only lead us to anarchy; a humanitarian approach will give us an opportunity to sustain ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity. Keep sharing your good thoughts here.