Photos: After Ganpati Visarjan; Who Cares?

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

People in India celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi once a year. People bring Ganesh Idols, setting up Pandal for Lord Ganpati & do celebrations for 10 days. But what happens after that; who cares? As this is very interesting to know that people are very happy after doing Ganesh Mahotsav. My question is why? Why they feel very happy? They can not because have anyone took an initiative to look after the mahotsav what happens to Ganesh Idols? People go to the river/sea for Ganpati Visarjan and then they comes back. Have they ever seen what happened to their Lord Ganesh Idols?

People in India follows traditions and its good to do that. Every one have their own rights but they have their responsibilities. No one can harm any one for their happiness and we harm our God Ganesh by doing Visarjan. People throw Ganpati Idols here and there in rivers. Is that good? I have seen if any one do bad comment on God people will criticize them. After Ganpati Visarjan Fishes killed, Rivers/Lakes Polluted, Livelihood Lost and Nature Pays the price.

There is a way to do ganesh visarjan. We should make eco-friendly idols. If you bring big ganesh idol it does not mean that you are big worshiper but it will take more space in the river. But you can go with small idols. Don't use plaster of paris, toxic metals, paints with mercury and more. Just just the material which should not harm fishes and other insects living in River/Sea.

Celebrations is good but don't hurt any one (human, god & nature). My heart is crying... because i am alone and can't prevent this. If everyone thinks then it can be possible...

Please check out the Ganpati Visarjan photos and see how it looks. I think every one will surely cry after watching this photos.

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